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 Architectural Aluminum Preservation Technologies

Anodized Aluminum Refinishing

Sunstar has the technologies and processes to renew the anodized finish of architectural aluminum surfaces to a "like new" condition.  This exclusive Sunstar procedure can remove surface conditions such as rundown, mineral deposits, staining and minor pitting.  The process was approved by the aluminum industry through the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association (AAMA) for all classes of anodized aluminum.

Anodized Aluminum Finishing System

When surface conditions are more dramatic such as major pitting and marring, Sunstar can provide a high performance metallic coating finish to the aluminum surfaces.  Repairing surface imperfections, proper surface preparation, quality materials and application of materials ensure a quality finish that provides asset value and image enhancement.

Anodized Aluminum Preservation

Protect and extend the life of your architectural aluminum with an ongoing protection program.  This program is designed to protect new installation & initial refinishing projects.  Sunstar's inspection & periodic re-sealing of the aluminum surfaces combined with window cleaning makes for easy budgeting and eliminates future refinishing costs.