Architectural Refinishing & Preservation Specialists of Southern California

Providing Specialized Architectural Refinishing & Preservation Services to Commercial Buildings in Los Angeles & Orange County Since 1975

Management & Technical Leadership

Corporate Officers, Division Managers and Project Engineers in the Sunstar organization have over 200 combined years of experience in the hi-tech field of image enhancement and preservation of premier properties.

Our management team has individually and collectively developed materials, processes and procedures over the past three decades that are recognized world wide.  Some of these technical advances include the materials and processes for renewal and preservation of architectural anodized aluminum to which a specification was issued in 1977 by the aluminum industry (AAMA) covering our technology.  Special processes and materials have also been developed for the regular care of stainless steel, brass/bronze, coated surfaces and natural or man-made stone.  Since that time our staff has serviced some of the largest buildings in the world.  

In the special science of hi-tech coatings and caulking, Sunstar is recognized by major material suppliers for our expertise and quality workmanship.  Sunstar is qualified to offer long term guarantees resulting from our engineering and installation skills.

Our production managers play a vital role in image enhancement and building safety.  Sunstar managers have and continue to develop unique preservation  programs based upon the highest quality products and processes.  Cost savings through efficient field service is a credit to our staff.  Our extended list of clients includes major corporations, property owners and management firms.

Our years of experience in managing service projects of every magnitude, benefits all Sunstar clients.  A professional and expertly managed technical team is the mark of our company and has positioned us as a industry leader for over three decades.

References are available upon request.