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                World Class Stone Care Systems

Natural Stone Refinishing & Polishing

Sunstar has the technology and experience to provide refinishing processes to renew the shine, luster and/or color of any natural stone surface.  Our time tested techniques work great on marble, granite, travertine, limestone and terrazzo surfaces.  If you are looking to give your natural stone floors a "glass like" appearance, renewed polish, or consistent dull look Sunstar will select the very best process to achieve your requirements.


Natural Stone Special Cleaning & Sealing

Textured stone surfaces easily trap dirt and grime in its surface imperfections.  Sunstar's special cleaning and sealing processes renew the color and cleanliness of your textured stone.  Our special sealers prevent oil and dirt from penetrating the stones surface and come in a high gloss, semi-gloss, and nearly invisible look.

Natural Stone Polish Preservation

After an initial refinishing of a stone floor has been completed, you can eliminate future refinishing costs with on-going preservation programs. Sunstar can preserve this valuable asset thru carefully scheduled special services.  In addition to our scheduled services we will show your housekeeping staff daily maintenance routines to extend the life of the stone's shine and color.  The following chart represents typical wear to a marble floor in one year, and shows how special maintenance stabilizes the overall shine, color and cleanliness.